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XIV Madrid Go Tournament


XIV Madrid Go Tournament


Writer : Antonio Egea / Spain


2011 the XIV Madrid Go Tournament was held in Madrid 7th and 8th of May and Best Spanish player of this tournament qualifies for the Korean Prime Minister Cup (KPMC). We had the pleasure to host 65 players coming to Madrid from all around the world (Korea, China, Japan, USA? and of course lot of players from Spain too.


(So much attention on the tournament)


The tournament winner was Cho Seok-Bin (7d), Cho is probably one of the strongest players around Europe (he's actually 3rd on the EGF ranking as of today) and managed to get the best score: 5 out of 5 wins. Second place was taken by Guo Xiao, who had a very successful tournament beating Kyoungnang Kang (7d) in the last round. We saw a constant fight from beginning to end, deciding the final resultin a ko fight which gave Xiao the victory. Guo Xiao has been living in Spain for a quite short period of time and she is already showing great strength winning against Korean ex-yonguseng (insei)  Kyoungnang Kang (7d).


(Kyoungnang Kang, Cho Seok-Bin, Guo Xiao)


So who in Spain qualified in this tournament for the KPMC? Well, the best Spanish player  was Oscar Anguila. At the prize giving ceremony we were honoured by the presence of the Spain's Korea Ambassador who prepared a speech in Spanish giving a great importance to Baduk in Korean's culture. For the whole tournament we were glad to have Kim Sung-Rae (8p) he was commenting games during the tournament. He also made lecture all of us based on the game by Cho Seok-Bin and Kyoungnang Kang in the 4th round.


(Oscar Anguila, receiving the trophy from a Spain's Korean ambassador)


(Vazquez Oscar 4kyu, a Spanish young player, 8years old)


Last but not least we greatly appreciate everybody's attendance. We hope it was an enjoyable tournament for you all as it was a pleasure for us to hold it. We would like to invite you all to come back in a year time and also those of you who did not make it for this year's but are longing to come. Next year we will hold the biggest of all Madrid's Tournaments ever, So I hope I will see many Go players!





07.May.2011 - 08May.2011



♣ Who am  I?  A WRITER!


(Antonio Egea, a writer)



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