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Strasbourg Go tournament


The third edition of the Strasbourg Go tournament


The third edition of the Strasbourg go tournament took place on May 16-17th. Fifty-eight players attended the event, including sixteen of the best players in Europe. Among them were the two past winners Cho Seokbin from Korea and Dai Junfu from China, former insei Csaba Mero from Hungary and Ondrej Silt from Czech.


Generally, tournament system is mms swiss system. However, only Top sixteen players are playing for knock down tournament. Also they gave seed for high rank players. That makes more clear for decide winner and makes more exiting for final game. This is very special for Strasbourg tournament and many people like it.


▲ Opening ceremony (top sixteen players)


The first round brought the first surprise of the tournament with the elimination of the local hero, French champion Thomas Debarre by Michael Palant from Germany. After the first day of the tournament, the semifinals were decided. The two past winners would be challenged on Sunday by Jan Hora, from Czech and Gilles Van Eeden from the Netherlands.


During both days of the tournament, spectators could enjoy demonstrations of several Asian games, including baduk, shogi, xiangqi, carom, mahjong?On Saturday evening, as every year players were invited to eat tartes flambees, the local specialty, during the party dinner.


▲ During the tournament


The semifinals on Sunday morning didn't bring any surprise. Dai was allowed to take his revenge from last year against Cho in the final. But he was forced to resign after Cho killed a big group. For the second time in a row, Cho Seokbin was the champion of the Strasbourg tournament.


▲Closing ceremony (4rd Van Eeden Gilles->3rd Jan hora->2rd Dai jungfu->Winner Cho Seokbin)





Top Players Tournament:


Table of all results


Biography of players at the bottom





Top players biography:


  • CHO Seokbin 7d 

Cho Seokbin was yeongusaeng in Korea till age 16. In 2006, he moved to germany, then Poland, where he is teaching Go and winning a lot of important Go tournaments, like Strasbourg Tournament last year.


  • DAI Junfu 7d   

Junfu Dai is a Chinese amateur. He has won our first tournament edition. He is living in France. In 2010, he swept the Paris Open 6-0. He is an active teacher at the French/English internet forum goigo. He published his book "Chuban" about the middle game.


  • CSABA Mero 6d  

Mero Csaba is an Hungarian 6 dan, one of the strongest European 6 dan players, almost 7d. Mero has studied as an insei with Kobayashi Chizu for two years. Mero plays on KGS as "nihil"(aromo), and also offers teaching.

  • SILT Ondrej 6d

After having spent 3 years as insei at the Nihon Kiin in Tokyo, Japan, he is currently one of the three 6-Dan players in Czech Republic. His talent was spotted at an amateur world cup (in which he placed 4th) at the age of 12. In 2010, he placed 5th in the World Amateur Go Championship with 6 wins.


  • HORA Jan 6d

Jan Hora is Czech Go player who participates in a lot of tournaments. He is an EGF 6d. Jan is famous for occasionally choosing some rather strange openings and carrrying around Pratash the Giant Pink Pig to tournaments. 

  • VAN EEDEN Gilles 6d

Gilles plays for the Netherlands at WAGG (ndlr: World Amateur Go Championship) in 1996 and 1999. He was the Dutch Champion in 1995.

  • DEBARRE Thomas 6d

In the french rating, Thomas is the first french player just behind cheated unbeatable Chinese player.


  • LIN Viktor 5d

19 years old. Single. Austrian Champion 3 times consecutive.


  • TARUMI Jun 5d 

European Student Champion 2009. German Youth Champion. Best Japanese in German with French nationalit?

  • BLOMBACK Fredrick 5d

Swedish champion 2 years consecutive. Nordish Champion 2009. 

  • PAPAPZOGLOU Benjamin 5d

5d French Champion 2005. The ever most sympatic guy in the universe.

  • PROKOP Jan 5d

Student in Computer Science 20 years old.

  • PALANT Michael 5d

Michael Palant, 5 dan, is the strongest player in Moldova.


  • FENECH Antoine 5d

Antoine Fenech, one of the strongest French players, former European youth champion and organizer of the European YouthMastersLeague. Ex-Champion of the Strasbourg Tournament.

  • OBENAUS Johannes 5d

19 years old. 2nd and 4th at German youth Championship. Other sports: Bike and Soccer.

  • LE CALVE Tanguy 3d

15 years old. Seen on Japan TV. 2 times Youth French Champion.



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