Cheonwon Cup

Cheol-han Choi dreams CheonWon Cup


Cheol-han Choi dreams CheonWon Cup



Cheol-han Choi is leading by 2-0 against Tae-hyun Lee


On January 7, Cheol-han Choi defeated Tae-hyun Lee in the second match of 15th Bacchus Cup. Cheol-han Choi just needs one more victory to win Bacchus Cup.


The 15th Bacchus Cup is sponsored by DongA pharmaceutical company and first prize in this 15th Bacchus Cup is 20,000,000 W (nearly $18,000) 


  2 : 0  
  Cheol-han Choi Tae-hyun Lee  
Ji-suk Kim Cheol-han Choi Joon-sang Yoon Tae-hyun Lee
Ji-suk Kim Hong-suk Baek Cheol-han Choi Hee-sung Lee Joon-sang Yoon Jeong-hwan Park Tae-hyung Lee You-taeck Kang
Ji-suk Kim Duk-jin Wok Hong-suk Baek Seoung-hwa Baek Chang-bae Kang Cheol-han Choi Kun-woo Su Hee-sung Lee Chang-hyuk You Joon-sang Yoon Jeong-hwan Park Jo-young An Tae-hyun Lee Jee-eun Park Young-hoon Park You-taeck Kang
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