BC Card Cup

China knocked out Korea in the top 16!


China knocked out Korea in the top 16!


Even Han-seung Jo failed to turn the table as he lost against Guri in the top 16 of the 3rd BC Card World Championships. With this, In the top 16 of BC Card Cup, all Korean players was knocked out against Chinese players. 


Guri was ahead throughout the game showing off his talent in the opening. Guri handled Han-seung Jo bravely and never allowed Han-seung Jo to make changes until the end of the game.



Guri will be going head-to-head with Ji-suk Kim in the top 8. Guri's record against Ji-suk Kim is 2 wins 0 loss.


The quarterfilnals will be held on March 31; (Se-dol Lee Vs Chen Yaoye), (Jeong-hwan Park Vs Zhou Rui Yang), (Young-ho Huh Vs Jong Won Jing), (Ji-suk Kim Vs Guri).


The 3rd BC Card World Championships is sponsored by BC Card and the top prize is 300,000,000won(approx $180,000). The defending champion is Se-dol Lee.



[The game; Han-seung Jo(B) Vs Guri(W)]

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