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Zhou Rui Yang beat the Black Knight of Korea!


Zhou Rui Yang beat the Black Knight of Korea!



Zhou Rui Yang defeated Seung-joon Kim in the top 16 of the 3rd BC Card World Championships. Seung-june Kim whose nickname is the Black Knight is one of the model players to the young Korean players as he has had steady activities for more than ten years.



Zhou Rui Yang could finally win this game after many turnovers. In the middle of the game, his big group in center was chased by Seung-joon Kim and it seemed no way of escape. But he suceeded in escape showing a series of great moves.


Zhou Rui Yang, No.1 in China has never had a title in the World Championships.  His next opponent is decideed as Jeong-hwan Park of Korea.


The 3rd BC Card World Championships is sponsored by BC Card and the top prize is 300,000,000won(approx $180,000). The defending champion is Se-dol Lee.


[The game; Zhou Rui Yang(B) Vs Seung-joon Kim(W)]

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