Guksoo Cup

Chang-ho Lee's off to a great start!


Chang-ho Lee's off to a great start!



Chang-ho Lee defeated Cheol-han Choi in the first match of the final in the 54th Guksu Cup on January 12. (Move 136, won by resignation).


Chang-ho Lee who is one of the Korea's top players has been in slump so far holding only 1 title in Guksu Cup. If he fails to defend this title, he will become an uncrowned king which brings disgrace upon him.


The second match will be held on January 14 in YoungSan museum. The 54th Guksu Cup is sponsored by Dong-A Daily News and the top prize is 45,000,000W ($38,000).


(scence of the match)



(Chang-ho Lee)


(Cheol-han Choi)




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