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Se-dol Lee made a dramatic reversal!


Se-dol Lee made a dramatic reversal!


Se-dol Lee made a dramatic reversal and won against Gu Li in the third match of the final in the 3rd BC Card World Championships.


It was absolutley a thrilling game from start to finish. Se-dol Lee tried to make a fierce fight which is his speciality from early in the beginning and the game became very complicated as even commentators were had hard time to make comments.


The fight, on the other hand, unlike Se-dol Lee's intention, went very bad for him and Gu Li seemed to be convinced of his victory.


However, the invincible warrior, Se-dol Lee never gave up and succeeded to turn the table at the end of the game by only half point.


(Se-dol Lee, Gu Li from the left)


(Se-dol Lee in a interview)

In a interview, Se-dol Lee said " I feel ashamed of today's game. It was not good actually. I just think I am very lucky today. " 


While Se-dol Lee is leading 2:1, the forth match of the final is on 27th of April. If Se-dol Lee win one more game, he will be the champion of the 3rd BC Card World Championships.


The 3rd BC Card Word Championships is sponsored by BC Card and top prize is 300,000,000won(nearly $180,000). The defending champion is Se-dol Lee.


[The game; Se-dol Lee(B) Vs Gu Li(W)]

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