BC Card Cup

Se-dol Lee returned fire to Gu Li (1:1)


Se-dol Lee returned fire to Gu Li (1:1)


Se-dol Lee has began his conturattack against Gu Li in the final of the 3rd of BC Card World Championships.


In the previous game, Se-dol Lee was beaten by Gu Li's game leading ability fit for a highly experienced veteran player. Gu Li displayed his exellent opening game skill and outdid his opponent from early in the game and grabbled a victory.


However, Se-dol Lee didn't have Gu Li has two winning streak showing his tremendous power throughout the game. Contrary to the fisrt game, Se-dol Lee gain high ground in the opening game and ended in a victory.


(Gu Li, Se-dol Lee from the left)


The two rivals' third match is on 26th of April in the same place after one day break and the winner will lead the game by 2:1.


The 3rd BC Card Word Championships is sponsored by BC Card and top prize is 300,000,000won(nearly $180,000). The defending champion is Se-dol Lee.


[The game; Gu Li(B) Vs Se-dol Lee(W)]

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