BC Card Cup

Gu Li qualified for the final by crushing Young-ho Huh!


Gu Li qualified for the final by crushing Young-ho Huh!


Gu Li won the ticket to the final after a fierce fight againt Young-ho Huh in the 3rd of BC Card World Championships.


Actually, the game was unfavorable for Gu Li in the beginning. He let his opponent Young-ho Huh lead the game in the opening and middle game. However, Gu Li didn't miss the only chance when Young-ho Huh made a mistake in the end game and succeeded to turn the table.   


(Gu Li, Young-ho Huh from the left)

Now we have the fight of the century in the final of the 3rd BC Card World championships; Se-dol Lee Vs Gu Li known as the greatest rival since Chang-ho Lee(Koria) and Ma xiao Chun(China). The lastest game, in the13th of LG World Championships, Gu Li defeated Se-dol Lee in the final.


                       (Se-doL Lee)                                                               (Gu Li)


The 3rd BC Card Word Championships is sponsored by BC Card and top prize is 300,000,000won(nearly $180,000). The defending champion is Se-dol Lee.


[The game; Young-ho Huh(B) Vs Gu Li(W)]

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