Ji-eun Park led Korean team to victory!


Ji-eun Park led Korean team to victory



Ji-eun Park defeated the imperishable capatain of China, Rui Nai Wei. There was much attention towards the game between Ji-eun Park and  Rui Nai Wei because they both are top-class players of each team.


However, Ji-eun Park is the one who put the icing on the cake as she crushed her old foe getting a white flag in the game. The game was expected that the two players will have a very close competition but Ji-eun Park never missed the crucial moment when Rui Nai Wei made a mistake.


In the beginning of the 9th KGC World Women's Cup, Korean team seemed to have an easy win when Do-won Moon made her 7 winning streak. But when the captains from Chinese and Japanese team stared to showe off their power, this tournament became very exiting. 


Here are lovely pictures from the 9th KGC World Women's Cup. Enjoy them!  ^_^ 


(Rui Nai Wei and Tang Yi from Chinese team took each other's hands and comforted each other )


(Reviewing the final game all together) 


( A super star of this KGC Cup, Do won Moon got the prize for 7 winning streak) 


(The Captain of Chinese team, Rui Nai We. Prize for 3 winning streak.)


(Champion team)






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