LG Cup

A lonely legend confronts stiff competition from new warriors


A lonely legend confronts stiff competition from new warriors



Unexpected upsets are happening in LG Cup. The result of LG Cup has not turned out as everyone's expects. 8 Survivors in round of 16 are said to be kind of a surpirse. Most of them have nerver won world tournament except Chang-ho Lee, and even some playe's names are unfamiliar to baduk fans.


(8 survivors in round 16)
Meanwhile, Se-dol Lee, Gu Li and Kong Jie who were most likely to win the championship drank a bitter cup of defeat together. The former LG Cup champions, Piao Wen Yao also didn't make it to the semi-finals.
(Se-dol Lee, Gu Li and Kong Jie from the left)
In fact, the result might lose baduk fans' interest. However, as long as Chang-ho Lee lives in the tournament, it must be still exciting to baduk fans. Chang-ho Lee plays against Chen Shi Yuan in the quarter-finals.







Chang-ho Lee


Chen Shi Yuan


Young-ho huh


Xie He















Jiang Wei Jie


Sung-jin Won


Qiu Jin


Ji-suk Kim

The upcoming quarter-finals is to be on 21 November. LG World Chanpionships is sponsored by LG and Chosun Newspaper. The prize is 250 milion won for the first place.
▶ Funny Photos ◀
No.1 - Piao Wen Yao.  Sleeping in the middle of game??  OTL

No.2  - Ji-suk Kim & Jin-suk Mok. Generation Gap?? Pollite 30s, Rude 20s.

No.3  - Yiyama Yuta.  Skunk tactic?? Chang-ho Lee is under attack!!

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