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Mannheim Go Tournament


Mannheim Go Tournament (28.-30. October)



Writer :  Stauder, Leon (Germany)



The Mannheim Go Tournament was held traditionally at the last weekend of October.

This year 65 players were participating at the tournament  which was held in a community room of the St.Peter church in Mannheim.

Already at the evening before the tournament many people were present because Jun Tarumi 5 Dan was holding a Workshop for players of all strenght.

He tried to define thickness, influence and potential by showing examples and analyzing them. It was really great and we learned a lot.

He was present for the whole weekend to review and analyse games. Many people could get his comments and try to get  stronger.



(Tournament poster)



At 11:30 the tournament started and the players had a thinking time of 60 minutes and a canadian byoyomi of 15 stones/ 5 minutes.

This Tournament has a Komi of 7 points , which is very unusual. So a game can end in a draw .  Jigo is very rare to happen ,and if it happens both player can be happy, because nobody lost the game. 




( playing during the tournament)



Because there were many people at the level of 2-3 Dan but not stronger many people had the chance of winning the tournament

I also tried my best but lost  already in the 2nd round against Uwe Ramlow in a very close game by 2 points.

After three long and exciting rounds there were 2 players with  3wins, Uwe Ramlow 3Dan and Anton Grzeschniok 3Dan .

So  there was  a final round at the next day to decide the winner.

After a long tournament day the  players were hungry and we went to a chinese restaurant in the city center. Itís a kind of  tradition at the Mannheim Go Tournament. After  having dinner, many people enjoy talking drinking  beer and  also if they still had not enough playing  Go.



( players enjoy dinner in chinese restaurant)


At the night from the 29. to the 30. of October the time was changed because the summer time has finished and everybody had 1 hour more sleep.

In the 4th round Anton Grzeschniok 3Dan won against Uwe Ramlow 3Dan in the deciding game. He was able  win his last game as well, so Anton Grzeschniok 3Dan became champion of this year  with a perfect score ( 5:0)

second was Uwe Ramlow 3Dan and third Pascal Mueller 2d ( both 4:1)

The top 3 players and the players with 4 wins were able to get a prize.



(Anton Grzeschniok 3Dan against Uwe Ramlow 3Dan )


I was not able to play my best in this tournament  but I still enjoyed the tournament very much .

I hope that there will be more participants next year and I hope I will do better next year.






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