Guksoo Cup

Cheol-han Choi and Chang-ho Lee to have a Guksu title


 < Cheol-han Choi beat Ji-suk Kim in the 3rd round of semi-final >


On the fifth of January, Cheol-han Choi won the battle against Ji-suk Kim in the 54th Guksu Cup.(ended in 174 moves, by resignation). Therefore, he finally qualified for the challenger to the champion of last season, Chang-ho Lee.


Five years ago in this tournament(47th) Cheol-han Choi beat Chang-ho Lee in the final(3:2) and in the 48th of Guksu Cup as well. However, he has failed to defend his crown from the next one and even couldn? make it in the preliminaries before this time. So there is much attention towards this title macth.



A List of the 54th Guksu (title holder : Chang-ho Lee)


                             ■ The 29th  KBS Championshhips  Table
    Hong-suk Baek
Jeong-hwan Park Seo-dol Lee  
Jeong-hwan Park Hong-suk Baek Cheol-han Choi Seo-dol Lee  
Jeong-hwan Park Cheol-han Choi Hong-suk Baek Ji-suk Kim Hyung-wook Joo   Seo-dol Lee    
Chang-ho Lee Jeong-hwan Park Soo-yong Kim Cheol-han Choi Hee-sung Lee Hong-suk Baek Ji-suk Kim Seo-dol Lee Soo-yong Kim Hyung-wook Joo Cheol-han Choi   Seo-dol Lee Chang-ho Lee Ji-suk Kim Hong-suk Baek
Winner group Loser group           



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