BIBA Online Teaching Program


Since this March, BIBA has launch its Online Teaching Program

We are making this program for students who would like to join BIBA but cannot. 

So we thought BIBA will come to you!

Our program includes:

 Teaching games
 League games
 Group reviews
 Offline lectures
 Life & Death problems

We would like it to be as similar as possible to what you have experienced at BIBA. This project is going to be held on the Korean Go server, Tygem.

There are going to be several groups depending on your go strength, Kim Seungjun 9p (Blackie) will take care of the first group(s) and Kőszegi Di?a 1p of the other group(s).

We know that some people might not always have time or money to come to BIBA. That is why, if you are the winner of the first league group, you will get a 50% discount for one month of studying at BIBA Korea!

But that is not all, if any of the online students manage to win a teaching game against one of the teachers, you will get a 10% discount!

Price: Full member 200euro per month

          Observer      80euro per month

Teachers: Kim Seungjun 9p (Blackie), Kőszegi Di?a 1p, Park Jiyun 4p, Kim Yoonyoung 4p

Go Server: Tygem

We hope you will enjoy this new Program and we hope to see you soon!!

Find all the information on BIBA website :

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