The result of Round 3_Pro Online Prelim

The result of Round 3




Group A     Group B    
Seed1A billtylin     Seed2B Seed2B  
billtylin   Xmas2011
WolfAttack WhiteKnght   USGARDEN USGARDEN
WhiteKnght   Sentinel
Seed1A       Xmas2011    
WolfAttack   Sentinel
1Win 1Lose     1Win 1Lose  
Group C       Group D    
Seed3C Ratiasu     Seed4D Seed4D  
Ratiasu   germgo
qq098 qq098   fluttershy alkoholik
usa6dan   alkoholik
Seed3C       germgo    
usa6dan   fluttershy
1Win 1Lose     1Win 1Lose  
Group E       Group F    
Seed5E Dchou     Seed6F Seed6F  
Dchou   Goprince91
Demonstyle Tygem123   overplayer overplayer
Tygem123   ProChaos
Seed5E       Goprince91    
Demonstyle   ProChaos
1Win 1Lose     1Win 1Lose  


Group G    
Seed7G WarSpirit  
applejacks eyesaver
1Win 1Lose  

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