[Update Note 2011-07-21]

Hello, everyone.


It's really hot weather here in Korea. However, here's a good news for you.

We have fixed an error below.


So far, there was a minor error on the baduk server that you cannot open up our go sever when you look at any website. Well, someone might not know the problem


For example, You are reviewing your lastest game on tygembaduk server. And you suddenly want to check someting on the website. You enter google and search few things. Then you click our go sever to go back to reviewing. BUT it doesn't show up. You cannot see our server screen as long as you have opened any websites.


Now you can do multitasking on our go sever no matter what you got on the screen at the sametime! 


Thank you.


Your true friend, TYGEMBADUK.

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